Being up to date is key.

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Im TechUp We at b-nova embody innovation to the core and as such, we organize a so-called TechUp, a in-house tech radar session, every week. In those sessions, we evaluate promising technologies for its potential and functional suitability. Once evaluated, we bring our insights into a written form which constitutes the main share of our blog content. Therefore, we render our in-house research open-source and available to our customers.

Let us level up together in our technological awareness. In this way, we ensure to keep our mental toolbox up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of tech. We eventually manage to stay equipped with the cutting edge of technologies and tools. As our customer, you will be presented with battle-tested, yet modern technology that will leverage lasting, sustainable solutions.

If you want to know more about a specifc topic that we covered or would like to have some questions answered, make sure to reach out to us, we are always open to have a chat about technology and how software engineering can be improved.

Tech up with us! Every week is a new opportunity to learn something new – Stay tuned!

Being up to date is key.

Our blog posts

Tech up with us! Every week is a new opportunity to learn something new.

An introduction to the Elixir Nx ecosystem and powerful interactive Livebooks as a Jupyter Notebook replacement.

In this TechUp I'll show you how a vector database works and how to build an effective AI-powered blogpost recommendation engine in no time using Weaviate and Python.

This time we will take a closer look at the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). We will build a small REST-API, which should read something from a DynamoDB via Lambda Functions. We will test and deploy this small application locally.

The AWS Serverlesspresso workshop is a hands-on learning experience designed to showcase the power and simplicity of serverless technologies. In this TechUp I tell you about my experience doing this workshop and what I've learned from it.

An overview of the latest developments in digital fingerprinting and GPU-accelerated computing with Nvidia's Morpheus and

In the third TechUp on the topic of serverless, we look at the development of serverless components and show how they are deployed. In this TechUp we take a closer look at the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

Machine learning can be used to draw interesting conclusions from data. In previous TechUps we have already dealt with classification and regression. In this TechUp, we want to look at another method that helps us recognise patterns from data, called anomaly detection.

In this TechUp Stefan shares our journey towards a more structured and secure Secrets management using Hashicorp Vault and Kubernetes External-Secrets.

What is Flatcar Container Linux? - This TechUp gives a basic overview of Flatcar Container Linux and explains the underlying concepts and technologies.

In the second TechUp on serverless, we look at the different serverless architecture patterns and discuss when it makes sense to use serverless.