Our skills will make you succeed.

Continuous Innovation

Our mission is continuous innovation combined with genuine added-value – or more briefly benefits due to innovation. At b-nova, it is our belief that innovation, no matter at what scale, as service providers, as a team or simply as a human being, brings us forward. While doing so, we put lots of attention to not get our intrinsic DNA corrupted. Hence, we choose to stay loyal to our values of candour, cheerfulness, diligence and our straighforward communicativeness towards our customers, partners and coworkers.

At the same time, we grasp every given opportunity to refine ourselves, to adapt, to keep on learning and by doing so, to stay a step ahead of technological change. Thereby, we not only stay on the edge of things, but bring forward genuine added value by means of innovational technologies and methodologies.

We ask you to make use of our pool of project experience we managed to accumulate over time. From business analysis and requirement engineering, to conceptualization of the most functial solution architecture, over to the actual technical implementation.with high regards to software quality standards. We guide you through your endeavours as reliable and knowledgeable partners.

Our skills will make you succeed.

More than just mere developers

Defusal coders

Does your project risk to detonate? Whenever the temper becomes tenser and things get frantic – a cool head is required. We at b-nova are trained and experienced defusal coders and we know how expertise and a certain coolness can be leveraged to create solutions to your risky endeavours. Heroes are always in demand!

Knot resolver

Knots generally occur whenever unaccounted events come thick and fast and the main objective gets out of sight. As a consequence, communication stiffens up and teams are now facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As slick knot resolvers, we help you untying the Cordian knot with tact and experience and ensure to bring back new momentum into your project.


Somehow, your project doesn't get off the ground and you fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Usually, it helps to have someone around that is able to read the map and knows how to guide you and your project through the dense thicket of daily tech business. We are brave project scouts who don't shy away from intimidating challenges and make sure you reach your desired targets. We take ownership of your challenges by capitalising on communication, trust and transparency.

Gap bridgers

It isn't uncommon that teams suffers from counterproductive tensions and conflicts of interests induced by inadequate ways of communication and the thereby caused misalignement of expectations. Being the simpatico bunch that we are, as gap bridgers, we prevent tension from occuring by fostering efficient channels of communication to all the relevant stakeholders early on. Making that crucial call or meeting in person is more often than not more expedient than an email that tends to get lost in crammed mailboxes.


Or simply as a skilled, experienced and outgoing developer in your project of choice!

About our services

Amazon PartyRock Playground is a platform provided by AWS where users can experiment with Bedrock, a foundational tool for application development. It offers hands-on experience to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills.

Runme transforms your standard documentation into interactive manuals that function like a terminal. This allows users to interact with the documentation in a practical way and ensures that information is always up-to-date and relevant.

Daytona is a platform for managing development environments that acts as an enterprise solution and offers an alternative to GitHub Codespaces to increase productivity and efficiency in the development process.

JDK 22 is out, we want to take a look at the most important features like statements before the super constructor, unnamed variables & patterns and scoped values.

This article demonstrates how to manage different event types within a single Kafka topic using a Quarkus application. It covers setting up a schema registry, Kafka broker configurations, and a user-friendly Kafka UI interface to highlight the benefits and challenges of this architecture.

We take a practical look at CloudEvents, the latest graduation from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Learn how this standard simplifies event processing in distributed systems and what benefits it offers for developers and IT architects.