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Marché Restaurants Schweiz AG
Gastronomy, Catering, Loyalty Programs
04. 2017 - 11. 2018

Marché Restaurants Schweiz AG launched a loyalty program for faithful customers and instructed the company b-nova with the full development of the webpage with all responsibilities. Our tasks went from analyses and development to the lead and process development of the whole web project.


Biggest challenge

Security issues on webservice side

What we did

Standalone leading and implementation of the whole CMS project

Main tools we used

Adobe AEM, Spring Framework, jQuery

Onboarding b-nova
April 2017

b-nova takes over the whole conception, leading and development

Preparation & Development
Duration: 18 months

Requirements engineering, solution design, process design, implementation & testing of the whole web project

Go live
September 2018

Launch of the freshCARD loyalty program incl. web project


  • Project lead, clarification and conception of all required pages, components and processes
  • Component and template development for Adobe AEM Content Manager
  • Technical project lead, requirement engineer, Scrum Master
  • Conception and documentation of new components incl. interfaces
  • Go-live support, content migration, design and implementation of technical architectures
  • Documentation, code-cleanup and general performance tasks


  • Adobe AEM 6.2
  • Spring & OSGi Framework
  • HTL (Html Template Pages) / Handlebars
  • Soap Webservices
  • Java 8
  • Scrum / Agile