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Coop Group
Content Management, Marketing, Retail
04. 2017 - 10. 2017

Development of a new webpage for the swiss-wide known food platform FOOBY – WE LOVE FOOD. We took over the development of Adobe AEM new functionalities, implemented cms components and templates, enhanced the general user experience as well as the performance, integrated various REST-APIs and did housekeeping work.


Biggest challenge

Integration Adobe AEM Communities Framework

What we did

Technical implementation of the FOOBY web page

Main tools we used

Adobe AEM, OSGi Framework, HTL, Java, Javascript

Onboarding b-nova
July 2016

b-nova supports the technical implementation

Duration: 13 months

Implementation of user stories in Scrum sprints, taking responsibility for the development of complete subparts

August 2017

FOOBY is still today the most famous recipe page swiss wide


  • Component and template development for Adobe AEM Content Manager
  • Integration & customizing of the Adobe AEM Content Manager Communities Frameworks
  • Conception & documentation of new components incl. interfaces
  • Go live support, content migration, design, implementation & testing of technical architectures
  • Documentation, code-cleanup and general performance tasks


  • Adobe AEM 6.3 / Adobe AEM Communities
  • Spring & OSGi Framework
  • HTL (Html Template Pages) / Handlebars
  • Java 8
  • Scrum / Agile
  • Jira / Confluence