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05.10.2020 Ricky Elfner
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What is it about?

Are you looking for a solution to offer your customers an uncomplicated trading platform?

Then with SAP Commerce Cloud you have an omnichannel solution that helps you to achieve this goal. Because this not only increases your productivity, but can also reduce your costs at the same time. Just as important, that this solution can be continuously adapted to your needs. This includes, for example, your customers to be able to offer the same service to all end devices.

To do this, it must first of all be possible to manage all data in one place. But also a uniform design about all devices is important to the end user. These services include different types of customers wants to interact with your company (Shopping, Call Center, Social Media, etc.). Besides that, it also improves the ability to provide personalized content, which of course is also a positive experience for your customer means.

The core capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud lie in the following points:

  • Omnichannel storefront
  • Search and navigation
  • Recommendations
  • Shopping cart
  • Wish list
  • Checkout

Since all of your data is managed in one place, you can have different catalogs in different languages to lead. So you can be sure that there is only one single point of truth at which the properties of your products. There is also the option of offering the customer various offers in where you can create personalized offers or offer packages. As a result, your content management is simplified, although it can increase your efficiency.

In addition, the buying experience can also be improved through order management. Again, all the data is on stored in a central location. With the management variant it is possible to have different rules for order, such as shipping options or self-service tools for return shipping.

SAP Commerce Cloud is with the range of functions a platform for high-quality data management. This will ensure that data is consistent across all channels and that high-quality information is provided. The SAP solution ensures that the platform is based on an innovative standardized architecture is being built. As a result, it is easy to expand, integrate and also manage.

SAP Commerce Cloud 2005

A new release version of SAP Commerce was also released this year. From the name you can tell that this was published in May 2020. Previously, SAP Commerce Cloud was also known as SAP Hybris Commerce.

There were some interesting innovations in this update.

Commerce OCC APIs

After there were already B2C APIs, there are now also B2B APIs. With these APIs it is possible for you to decouple your storefront from your backend, which in turn allows you to build a dynamic headless commerce system. All of these APIs are now also available for Spartacus.

  • B2B Commerce Organization (aka MyCompany) makes it possible to manage the expenses of an organization even better
  • B2B Scheduled Order Replenishment offers the customer the possibility to automatically replenished their stocks according to his schedule
  • B2B Reorder thereby a new shopping cart of a customer with already placed orders can be made available
  • B2B Inventory Display herewith the display of the stock can be determined

There are other B2C APIs

  • Cancellation
  • Returns

B2C and B2B APIs can also be operated on the same instance.

The advantages of these B2B and B2C APIs are that the API-First approach is still being pushed forward more APIs are available.

Back office

There were also improvements for the back office. The Solr Search has been improved for large product catalogs. In addition, with the Workflow Designer there is the possibility of visualizing the workflow and this too to use directly.

Back Office Product Content Management

With SAP Commerce Cloud 2005 the possibility to create and manage product bundles was introduced. This enables a package of different products to be displayed, different rules to be set, as well as discounts.


SmartEdit now offers to create media containers for Simple-Responsive-Banner components. This makes it easier to determine the right images based on the display size. Another innovation is the support of Single-Sign-On for a SmartEdit session. In the new version of SAP Commerce the WCMS Cockpit has now been introduced again.

Context-Driven Services Integration

The first news is the availability within Spartacus. Furthermore you can get a detailed and processed view of A / B tests. To timprove your merchandising strategy, you can create a better overview with the help of a merchandising report. Based on this, decisions can be made more easily.

Promotion Engine and Rule Engine

Here Drools was brought to the Version 7.21. As part of the update, the drools have been improved. Likewise, the shopping cart calculation got improved.


Now the Oracle version 19c is available to you at SAP Commerce Cloud, as well as the Spring Version 5.2.3. Since the queryCacheRegion quickly runs out of memory due to outdated entries from the Flexible Search Query Cache, there is now the possibility of automatically emptying this memory at specified times.

If you can cope with a slight loss of performance, you can now use the FlexibleSearchAPI items to find in which a change has taken place. In the new version, all standard users are deactivated and no longer have a predefined password.

Integration APIs

In the new version, the process and classifications have been simplified. These are also now during the term manageable.

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