b-nova wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The whole b-nova team wishes to all of our customers, partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New and Successful Year 2022!

This is the right moment where we would like to thank all our customers and partners for having trusted us in their pursuit of interesting and innovative projects.

Therefore, we would also like to use this moment of introspection by making a short review of 2021.

b-nova wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The year 2021 was...


Through our weekly Techups we either got to know a new, innovative topic every week or deepened our existing knowledge to new heights. Due to that, we packed our toolbox with a lot of tools and know-how for our 'be innovative' mission. A lot of paradigms, technologies and methods were successfully introduced and transformed into tangible benefits for us and our customers!


One of the big highlights this year was our individual passing of the CKA certification which enabled our company to officially get listed as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider! With a lot of commitment from your employees in passing the CKA and a huge jump in containerization expertise, we successfully passed the requirements to become official partners of the CNCF where we are participating in ever since. But that was just the icing on the cake. For several years by now, we managed to successfully work in Kubernetes-clustered environments, either within customers infrastrucutre or within our own.


In every sense we introduced and promoted domain-driven granularity with the help of microservice- and microfrontend-based architectures. For our customers, we were given the opportunity to implement a microservice-based bridge connecting mobile apps with a set of legacy backend systems using Spring Boot as our framework of choice. In a second unrelated project, we managed to decouple business logic into multiple domain-specific  microservices using Quarkus as our alternative framework of choice. Furthermore, internally we decided to build up a multi-cloud architecture where a set of microservices were deployed in order to provide all business requirements we were facing in regards to our own infrastrcture.


In order to provide accessibility and inclusivity in regards to potential customers outside of the German-speaking world, most of our content is now also translated and available in English. As you see, we are prepared and ready for international and global challenges from abroad. Also, with our newly introduced weekly-based English day -which we simply call our b-nova English Day- where we use English as our main business language in all our communications, we are willing to take the step to keep on improving our personal English based communication skills with patience and practice!


All in all, the year 2021 was a successful year in our eyes, not only for us but also for our customers! Teamed up together, we relaunched a SAP Commerce-based e-shop, migrated a bunch of JBoss EAP-based applications, as well as PostgreSQL databases onto the cloud, designed and implemented a microfrontend architecture including authentication via OIDC, implemented a RESTful api gateway microservice bridge and planned and executed the replacement of different systems with cloud natives solutions. Besides all those successfully completed projects, we worked as participants of sprint teams and ensured constant development and consulting expertise and most importantly we managed to deliver good vibes whenever needed. :-)